Leaf Removal Services in Montreal, Laval & West Island

dirty dead leaves

It can be quite time consuming and tedious to round up all the leaves on your property especially when you have a bigger lot with various edges. When we take a walk in a forest, one might notice many dead leaves and while it might look great in a forest, it can look messy for a turf on your lot.
Leaves are a great source of fertilizer, they provide plenty of nutrients for the ground and all plants. Trees get their nutrients from the dirt, then these nutrients fall off as leaves so why should you rake leaves? The decomposition should bring back the same nutrients back into the ground so that all plants can benefit from the minerals.
While this may be true, green turfs need plenty of sunlight so when your leaves are sitting on your grass, this can dramatically delay the growth of your sod by blocking sunlight. Nobody wants patches of yellow grass so a good cleanup of debris and leaves can go a long way towards a beautiful property. We may also look at options of different species of grasses as some might be great to grow in shade as well in case your terrace is hidden from sunlight.

For the missing nutrients of your sod, we can either grind up the dead leaves and throw them on your lawn as powder for fast absorption or add fertilizers through other means. So call us today at (514) 700-5348 for any of your lawn cleanup needs or fill out the form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Leaf Removal Services in Montreal, Laval & West Island