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lawn mowerOur core business is all about lawn care, that’s where it all started so you can be sure that we will do an excellent job at this. Lawn caring is not only about grass cutting, if you have ever inherited a field of grass along with the purchase of your property, you must have noticed that it is nearly impossible to just cut grass and forget about the rest. The ground your sod rests on is very important to the health of your yard. Without the proper environment, the grass may not flourish and therefore let the weeds take over. When the sod is properly rooted, unwanted plants will never be able to take over. In this case, herbicides will not even be needed as grass will out compete all other plants.


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Ground aeration is another important component to the well being of your terrace. When your soil is heavily compacted, air, water and nutrients have a hard time reaching the roots of your grass and plants. Roots need air to breath, so with less air, they grow slower and shallower. To have a healthy dense lawn without weeds, one must aerate his yard so that the roots penetrate deeper and have room for expansion. This allows one to have a flourishing sod.

There are several methods to aerate soil. There are mechanical methods and there are natural methods. Earthworms naturally aerate our lawns but having too many worms might spell trouble as their  excessive castings can burn out a lawn therefore causing grass to turn yellow. Think of it as when your dog pees on the grass and then it turns yellow. So adding more worms is not a good solution. Your lot should already have enough of them naturally already. When you let us take charge of your lawn, we will make sure it is always well aerated so that your turf stays green and healthy without any unwanted plants. We offer our landscaping services in the Greater Montreal region however we have designated areas of lawn mowing services. Let us know in the contact form above of any of your lawn needs or call us at 514 700 5348

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