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Luxurious Garden

When you look at your lot, what kind of garden would you like to have? This is an important question to ask oneself. Your garden could be as simple as a few planted tulips behind a retaining wall or as complex as the one in the picture above, so it is crucial to know yourself. Ask yourself what is your dream garden?

We can help you set up a garden bed comprised of vegetables, flowers, shrubs, bushes or trees. Every person has a different style so we will make sure it suits you and your property layout. We provide maintenance to your garden beds so you don’t have to worry about tidiness. We will also make sure to do proper garden edging so your plants don’t start growing onto your turf or we can apply mulch contour. We will use the proper mulch as not every mulch is the same. There are organic and inorganic types so knowing which one to use can be crucial. Sometimes, the cheaper kind can get their colors faded and some others can drain nutrients out of your bed. With our proper mulch selection, you can rest assure that your bed will look amazing.

With our proper selection of plants and fertilization tips, we can make sure that your garden springs back to life every spring so that no effort is wasted in reinvesting in plants that might not be suitable for the Quebec winter. Did you know there are many types of grasses that perform differently in our climate? We will go through it all to make sure you are aware of all options.

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